Yearbook Programs

American Printing can receive your yearbook in either Mac or PC format. We have all the latest versions of Pagemaker, InDesign, and Quark. Your book can be sent to us using email, CD/DVD, or via our file upload system.

Camera Ready Art

Although fewer and fewer schools use the paste-up method, we can still handle your book if it comes to us on paste-up boards.

We will scan your photos and type, clean up the images, provide a proof for your approval and print from the scanned digital files.


This format consist of pages that have been layed out in a computer program, including typesetting and boxes showing where photos should be inserted. This is given to American on disk.

The school provides us with the loose photos, we scan and adjust, place the photos and provide a proof.

Fully Composed Digital

The school provides the entire yearbook on disk, with all photos, graphics and type in position.

The files and links are sent to American Printing. We color correct and adjust all photos (as necessary) and provide a proof to the school prior to printing.